Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!!! Bonafied classic *****

Not only is this album a Hip Hop classic this album is a masterpiece of modern music!

There are a few albums that i can say I know inside out and this is up there with them. I have probably played this album 23,002,987 times...amd counting. But with this album, there was 2 excellent 12" which had just about everything on them.

The first of the album was Jeep Ass Nigguh / Saturday Night Live

As you can see this came in a lovelly blue vynil and it contained 2 sweet tracks from the album and 2 remixes of Jeep Ass Niguh.

The first i got for you is "Jeep Ass Niguh (dusted Remix) " This had a slightly lighter beat to the the original and a laid back feel to it.

The second Mix "Jeep Ass Niguh (Bizcapella mix) " This was a very basic mix with just a bad ass bass drum banging away in the background. Very simple but effective.

The second 12" from the album was the title track Slaughtahouse.....

Now i said this about the casual Me-O-Mi-O 12 but this is how 12" should be!!! This had 2 Phat remixes of Slaughtahouse and an even better version of "style wars"

So the first mix "Slaughtahouse (murder Mix) " this is basically an extended version of the album track with just the MC Negro and the Ignorant MC part.

The second mix "Slaughtahouse (Death Mix) " is straight up FIYA! This is an extended version of Ace's part of the track after the beat change. It is longer and has extra lyrics...This is a classic track to throw in at any party and make heads bop!

The third mix is "Style Wars (Remix) " I loved this track on the album already but this mix is Hot!


travis said...

My all-time favorite album.

The Gosub Routine said...

I'm more familiar with 'take a look around', which I absolutely love, and a s a result, prefer, but I need to listen to this one a bit more and let it grow on me.

Cheers 4 putting this stuff out there, Glen. I appreciate it!

keep well,

Baz (the gosub routine).

Anonymous said...


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