Saturday, January 06, 2007


Comptons Most Wanted

Straight Checkn' em

Now i shouldn't have to talk too much about this album?

One thing i have loved so far about writing my blog is digging through stuff that i havnt listened to for a while and remembering loads of random stuff about what i was doing at the time i heard the albums/tracks first?

With this album thats not the case as i still throw this album on all the time. This was C.M.W's second album and without a doubt their finest. tracks like "Growin Up In The Hood" & "Straight Checkn' Em" took the group to a whole new level. While they were from gangsta rap capital Compton they were a little different from the other crews. Beatwise i think they were a lot more inventive and MC Eiht as a lyricist were a pretty formidable force to be reckoned with. As albums go this is pretty faultless throughout and i cant think of a track which dissapoints so this is a must have to any Hip Hop head.

***Comptons Most Wanted - Straight Checkn' Em***

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