Friday, March 30, 2007

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich

I dont know why people were scared to buy this album? With a proven track record with the group 3rd bass this should have been an album that got snapped up a lot more than it did.
For those that havnt heard this album i can assure that you are missing out on a beat heavy stomper of an album. the first track "Rat Bastard" is straight up Pow to your face! The bass and beat are just sick! and an excellent guest appearance from Psycho Les from the Beatnuts make it sure shot that you want to hear more of this album. I will agree that Pete nice on his own possibly had too much to carry on his own lyrically for an album with 16 tracks and i think had mc serch stayed with the rest of 3rd bass this album and serch's solo effort (coming soon!) could have been merged into a bonafied classic. I think as a group 3rd bass were always just short of becoming slightly special and despite how much i loved this album and the serch joint, i have always felt slightly robbed of what maybe coulda been?
But dont let me put you off as this album holds its own and deserves the listen. There was only 2 singles released off the album and "Kick The BoBo" had an entertaining video and and equally nice "Remix" courtesy from yes you guessed it...The beatnuts! its a much better mix and a lot heavier than the album version
The track "3 Blind mice" features a guest from Kurious and is a nice track indeed. My favourite track is blatantly the opener "rat bastard" this is as i mentioned before, just basically a banger and a must have on any 90's mixtape! but all the way through the album its hard to see why the group were not asked to produce a lot more than they were as the production on this album is faultless! make sure you check it out.

I'm Kurious

So with my large rant over i will go back to my lazy ass write ups :-/
I posted up some Beatnuts stuff the other week so im gonna start with people that rolled in the same circles....... 1994 and im sitting there watching YoMtv when a video comes on
Kurious - Walk like a Duck

I recognised a few cats in the video and liked the track so i grabbed the album next time i saw it (this was also the 100th C.D i ever bought) <-----how sad am i knowing that?
But this album was just awesome you have half the production credit going to the beatnunts and the other half going to the SD50's, Now that should make you want to own the album by itself. The album starts with some crazy hispanic dude swearing lots (i remember my mum shouting up at my room and saying "what the fuck are you listening to?") but after about 30 seconds beat and bassline take over completely and the album bursts into life with "spell it with a J" this is one of my favourite opening tracks to an album ever.
The album just rolls along nicely track by track with guest appearences from The Nuts themselves and a surprise appearence Casual from hierro. But alltogether if you had to rate every track on this album out of 10 i dont think any would drop below 7 which to me is a must own album. The stand out tracks are proper stand out too!
"I'm Kurious" is just a well thought out autobiography of the man himself over a great beat (pete nice & daddy rich did it!!!)

This was also a great single and came with a quite nice remix and a great non album track "mansion and a yacht" featuring Sadat X and Mike Gee.
"Uptown shit" was my personal highlite. Its by now means a 5 mic classic but its just one of those really well put together tracks that makes you nod your head like a churchill dog

Now kurious kinda went off the radar? but from what i understand he is still involved in the game but possibly under a different name? so anyone know hook me up?
But all in all a solid album and well worth the download.

I'm sorry

First off can i say a big sorry to any peeps that been checking my blog recently and been dissapointed with the lack of content...all i got to say is i been a busy boy! But now i back and i have a few huge drops for you all.
I sat with an old school friend the other day in the pub who i hadnt seen for a while, we ended up changing numbers and over the last few days we been practically living at each others houses listening to hip hop and copying shit up for each other so believe me when i say i have some very very classic shit coming up for you over the next few weeks.
Now the thing that defines the golden era of hip hop for me was that pretty much everyone had 6/7 absolute gems on there albums. there was a complete lack of filler back in the day and practically every album i own from then has been played to death? i cant think of an album that has made me do that for a while now.
While it seems essential to be rolling in a crew 20 deep right now back in the days you could be part of a crew but your album was yours and yours alone and apart from the odd verse here and there and the production credits. But what that gave us was little crews that consistently had classic albums. So with my next few posts im gonna throw up albums from similar crews that rolled together so you can see how different it is listening to a crew like D.I.T.C back then to listening to someone like G-Unit nowadays? (why would you?)
Im not a G-unit hater or anything but i think thats the easiest crew to pick out of the hat and say whats wrong with hip hop nowadays? you can buy pretty much any album from the G-unit crew and you know what you gonna get before you buy it, the same cannot be said for what crews used to throw out back in the 90's.
I always try to keep my posts fairly to the point which is the music!!! at the end of the day i know 80% of readers only go to the download and click. I'm not gonna get all funny about that cos frankly i dont care too much, dont get me wrong i love it when i get comments and feedback but at end of the day im here to share my shit up. Im guilty of doing the same thing quite often and i guess the reason i started my blog was to just put out the stuff i loved and hoped that people would occasionally say "damn! and then maybe fill in any gaps that i had not covered" and so far thats happened a lot so my whole reason for doing this works for me so thats what im gonna stick too. There are a few readers of my blog who i know do check in lots and always leave me a comment or 2 :-) and that is greatly appreciated! so hopefully i can show that back in my posts coming up over the weeks!
I will try my best to not leave it as long anymnore to update ...peace

Monday, March 05, 2007

House Party

Now there was a lot of movies out back in the day that always get mentioned when talking about hip hop....Juice, Boys in the hood and new jack city. But there always seems to be the not so much talked about House Party. This film was funny as fuck and i think you can still watch it today and still laff your ass off!

You have to love this film even tho kid's haircut is out of controll, there are moments of this film which i think pretty much everyone can relate too... everyone has been to a party like this at some point in there life... surely?

There was some pretty sweet music too in this film and i picked up the soundtrack ages and ages ago. Now there are some songs from the film which never made it onto the soundtrack which i dont get at all but the main tracks are really all included on the cd. So i give you the official soundtrack to the movie. hope you enjoy and hopefully it makes you want to watch the movie again...

House Party OST