Friday, March 30, 2007

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich

I dont know why people were scared to buy this album? With a proven track record with the group 3rd bass this should have been an album that got snapped up a lot more than it did.
For those that havnt heard this album i can assure that you are missing out on a beat heavy stomper of an album. the first track "Rat Bastard" is straight up Pow to your face! The bass and beat are just sick! and an excellent guest appearance from Psycho Les from the Beatnuts make it sure shot that you want to hear more of this album. I will agree that Pete nice on his own possibly had too much to carry on his own lyrically for an album with 16 tracks and i think had mc serch stayed with the rest of 3rd bass this album and serch's solo effort (coming soon!) could have been merged into a bonafied classic. I think as a group 3rd bass were always just short of becoming slightly special and despite how much i loved this album and the serch joint, i have always felt slightly robbed of what maybe coulda been?
But dont let me put you off as this album holds its own and deserves the listen. There was only 2 singles released off the album and "Kick The BoBo" had an entertaining video and and equally nice "Remix" courtesy from yes you guessed it...The beatnuts! its a much better mix and a lot heavier than the album version
The track "3 Blind mice" features a guest from Kurious and is a nice track indeed. My favourite track is blatantly the opener "rat bastard" this is as i mentioned before, just basically a banger and a must have on any 90's mixtape! but all the way through the album its hard to see why the group were not asked to produce a lot more than they were as the production on this album is faultless! make sure you check it out.


Just Ice said...

I disagree, I've always felt Pete was the nicer of the duo and put out a much more solid effort than Serch when they went solo. I love this album and think he did a good job alone. Here's hoping the reunion rumors come to light!

Glen aka Yeedo said...

I know what you saying, but i dont really think that this album or serch's album is better, i liked both albums fairly equally but i think if maybe they had have stuck together and unleashed another 3rd bass album at that time it really coulda been an absolute classic. I heard that serch was coming back with some stuff but i also heard it will be mostly stuff that was made years ago when he did his album so i dont know what the score with it will be? but hell yeah if 3rd bass ever get back together i would be a very happy man.

Just Ice said...

I used to wonder why 3rd Bass never stuck together and dropped a third album. But of you recall the era, the underground sound was starting to become the popular choice and the light hearted, pro-black and hippy era was falling off. Not that I'd classify 3rd Bass in those categories but well...they didn't fit in any specific one, did they? I do remember that time being the "break-up" years though. Grand Puba went solo as did others so maybe this was their way of spreading their wings. I think maybe perhaps why I always gravitated towards Pete rather than Search was, well, Search's rhymes made little sense to me, LOL.

carlyoung said...

Just Ice.. Mad respect to you brother, I am a true hip hop head and have all of your work. I agree with you, when I listened to 3rd Bass lyrically I gravitated to the Prime Minister, I remember when Steppin to the AM broke and Pete's flow just was ill. All you had to do was listen to Wordz of Wisdom and listen to the lyrics that Pete dropped on his second verse "A ludicrous buddus true this, when I do this, so true to this, perpertrators do this stylin perical lyrical, critical, 3 the hard way boy, you need medical attention, I'm like a surgeon with the left hand, hold the microphone like a scaple so you undertand, words of wisdom, woven like a spider, bitch on my tip, I get busy and I ride her, UPTOWN".. That was dope..