Monday, February 26, 2007

Special guest starring Mark Ronson...

Mark Ronson is creating a bit of a buzz at the minute and truth be told its long long overdue...
Mark has been on the boards for some of Hip Hops biggest names over the last few years and is about to drop an album full of Hits Reworked to the Ronson way!
The first track Stop Me is fucking Genius to say the least! Check out his Myspace page to hear more cuts from the album...
But as we talking solid hip hop only here im gonna throw in the official Fade to Black mixtape which dropped a few years back. I think a lot of people under rate Jay from time to time or get too caught up with fairly average releases that he seems to be churning out nowadays.
However What this mixtape does is offer you a pretty good rundown on Jiggamans career and even if you own all the albums i highly recomend this mixtape... it does work so well to just throw on in the background while you getting ready to go out for beer! this is a nice grab for any Jay fans and you wont be dissapointed
1 - Live From Madison Square Garden
2 - "The Abridged Life Story Of Sean Carter Thus Far" by Mark Ronson
3 - Can I Get Open
4 - In My Lifetown (remix)
5 - Dead Presidents II
6 - Cashmere Thoughts
7 - Can't Knock The Hustle
8 - BK's Finest
9 - Notorious B.I.G. Tribute
10 - Foundation
11 - Streets Is Watching
12 - A Million And One Questions (remix) [WORLD PREMIERE]
13 - Where Im From
14 - Marcy To Hollywood
15 - Hard Knock Life (LIVE From Madison Square Garden)
16 - Jigga What Jigga Who (LIVE From Madison Square Garden)
17 - Money Cash Hoes
18 - Big Pimpin' (LIVE From Madison Square Garden)
19 - Do It Again
20 - So Ghetto
21 - Change The Game
22 - I Just Wanna Love You
23 - You Me Him Her (LIVE From Madison Square Garden)
24 - You Don't Know
25 - Girls, Girls, Girls
26 - Heart Of The City
27 - Takeover (Dissin' Nas)
28 - The Ruler's Back
29 - Murder Murder
30 - 1, 2 Y'all
31 - PSA
32 - Dirt Of Your Shoulder [new verse]
33 - 99 Problems (Ronson remix)
34 - Lucifer
35 - December 4th
36 - Farewell To The King (Jay's Goodnight)
37 - The Return
38 - Don't Let Me Die
39 - Big Chips
40 - Freestyle
41 - "Pump It Up" Freestyle
42 - Encore (LIVE From Madison Square Garden)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shout outs

Its a hard old life this blogging stuff!
Anyways... i been doing it for a minute now and i know i slowed down a bit last few weeks but i just changed jobs so its just a matter of timing and ripping stuff!!!
But saying that makes me realise how much effort other peeps go to on there blogs so i just wanna give a shout out to all the peeps that i have added links for!
One of the first blogs i came accross was the Wake your daughter up blog. I love reading some of the stuff on this blog and all them peeps make me laff my ass off at some of their posts along with the extra large stuff they drop every day pretty much!!! mad props to you lot! Plus you cant fault travis's choice of masta ace as a personal fave!!!
Biff hop is another personal fave of mine and i think everytime i about to drop a post them dudes beat me too it! I love this blog tho and they all know what they talking about!!!
Crooklyns Classics Man!!! this site sort of inspired me to drop a video with every post i did! you cant help love this blog. everytime i look at it they have a new video that i forgot all about! always nice posts too!
and i would go on and mention everyone i hooked up with a link but thats just silly but i am thankfull for all you bloggers out there! Hip Hop will never be dead because of all you cats in my links!
One final shout must go to the Bust The Facts blog!!! i know for a fact that some people are asleep on this blog as i dont see it linked up on as many as i should! all i can say about this blog is thanks!!! i got into hip hop a little later than the true old school! i really caught the bug during the golden era so you have no idea how good this site is at educating peeps like myself on the earlier shit out there! they must have crates on crates on crates!!!
But to all you bloggers out there...keep doing your thing . i have friends out there that read my blog and now have been hooked on some of you other dudes too and that can only be a good thing!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Make Bitches, Make Me Sandwiches...And Scratch My Ass When It Itches!!!

Now there was a period in the 90's where my speakers and amp belonged to The Beatnuts!!! Now a lot of people say Beatnuts this and Beatnuts that but still the crew never ever get the true respect they deserved? This is one of them things that amazes me. To me the 90's had Pete rock for all that soul production....D.I.T.C for that head bob shit that broke your kneck! Primo for just straight up classics and then the Beatnuts? i mean seriously...if you check their discog its frightening to read how many stone wall classic fucking tracks they churned out. They just seemed to become a factory for beats that beat the shit out your system back in the day!
I'm listening to "Hellraiser" as i type this and the one thing that makes beatnuts stand out is the way the shit still sounds so fresh! and im not talking 1 track im talking just about every beat that has beatnut stamped on it...
From Chi ali to Common Sense to Kurious to Prime minister pete nice damn!!! if i made a list of my favourite hip hop tracks ever, i know half of them would have been produced by the crew.
I remember hearing Chi Ali's "Let the Horns Blow" for the first time and saying "shit!!!" about how dope the track was... so when you in the record shop and completely out of the blue you see The Beatnuts on top of a record sleave you just grab it without a second thought. Now I used to have to travel to buy my records as my hometown was just shit for shops! and i still remember the day I grabbed "Intoxicated Demons EP" It took me an hour to get home by train and i swear that was one of the longest hours i ever had as went home after buying it! The anticipation to hear it was unbelievable! and to this day i think the World's Famous Intro is still one of the greatest ever for me. Its not the fact that its that good? its more the fact that you build up an album so much that sometimes the first track lets you down and kinda puts a downer on the whole thing...Now as soon as the first beat starts on that intro you kinda know its worth the wait and i think from that moment on i was in love with the beatnuts!

So then after dropping all be it a shit hot E.P. the Nuts had to come good with a full length effort and even me being the optimistic fan i was back then never expected the classic that came...

***The Beatnuts***

Now This is just one of those albums where not one track dissapoints? not many of them around eh?

So seriously if you dont own this album you should be locked up somewhere where they make you listen to Elton John records all day! This album is about as golden as the whole golden era itself!!! just download the shit and then go buy it!

Way way way too many tracks to post up indivudually for you but there was the singles from the album. Sadly i dont got the first "Props over here" i did have it but sold it a long long time ago??? i dont know why i did things like that back then? It didn't have anything different from the album tho from what i remember apart from the instrumentals obviously. Luckilly i still got my copy of Hit Me With That/Get funky 12"

So on this 12" came the excellent "Get Funky Remix" which had a cool as hell beat and some alternate lyrics. nice nice 12" to have

There was also a promo 12" from the L.P. which again i dont have but i do have the MP3's....

"hellraiser Remix" and the i copped a version of "Sandwiches Remix" which i had never heard untill i came across a blog which had it! I'm so sorry for not remembering what blog i got it from so if you see this and think "hey shit bag stole my track" i'm sorry!!!

Now i can post album after album from the Nuts, but i not gonna do that shit! I have a hard enough time posting full albums up as it is which is something i didnt want to get into but it seems the only way to get your point across in blogworld! You know you like what you hear so you have to go buy this shit!

but i will follow up with another classic nuts effort with the video for No escaping this...featuring that crazy fucking man called greg nice!!! check out that lunatic dance at the end of the video man!!!

Why didnt they blow? #3 Dred Scott

Now this could be one of my shortest write ups ever... I know very little about Dred apart from the fact that i loved this album! I heard the track "Nuttin Ta Lose" a long time before i managed to grab the album. My mate at the time did me a mixtape of loads of tracks and the Dred track was probably the one that got re-wound the most. Full of energy and a pretty hot beat this has to be one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time... It just has that appeal to me for some reason. When you listen to the album you hear quite a bit of name dropping which tells you that dred kinda ran in the right circles so its strange for me to understand why he didnt blow???

Like a lot of albums from back in the golden era you kinda forget about them for a while untill you get the opportunity to listen them again and realise just how averagely shit hip hop is now! this would probably be classed as a 3 star album back then but when you listen to this 10+ years later you feel a bit sad that people like this dropped one album then fled? All in all this is a solid album and well worth the download!

I been told that Dred Scott had a few more releases but i never managed to check any of them. i managed to grab a copy of "Check The Vibe Remix" but the sound quality is a bit shit to tell the truth and the remix aint that much different to the album version so just grab the album???

If anyone can fill me in with some more dred stuff you know where to hit me up!