Monday, February 19, 2007

Shout outs

Its a hard old life this blogging stuff!
Anyways... i been doing it for a minute now and i know i slowed down a bit last few weeks but i just changed jobs so its just a matter of timing and ripping stuff!!!
But saying that makes me realise how much effort other peeps go to on there blogs so i just wanna give a shout out to all the peeps that i have added links for!
One of the first blogs i came accross was the Wake your daughter up blog. I love reading some of the stuff on this blog and all them peeps make me laff my ass off at some of their posts along with the extra large stuff they drop every day pretty much!!! mad props to you lot! Plus you cant fault travis's choice of masta ace as a personal fave!!!
Biff hop is another personal fave of mine and i think everytime i about to drop a post them dudes beat me too it! I love this blog tho and they all know what they talking about!!!
Crooklyns Classics Man!!! this site sort of inspired me to drop a video with every post i did! you cant help love this blog. everytime i look at it they have a new video that i forgot all about! always nice posts too!
and i would go on and mention everyone i hooked up with a link but thats just silly but i am thankfull for all you bloggers out there! Hip Hop will never be dead because of all you cats in my links!
One final shout must go to the Bust The Facts blog!!! i know for a fact that some people are asleep on this blog as i dont see it linked up on as many as i should! all i can say about this blog is thanks!!! i got into hip hop a little later than the true old school! i really caught the bug during the golden era so you have no idea how good this site is at educating peeps like myself on the earlier shit out there! they must have crates on crates on crates!!!
But to all you bloggers out there...keep doing your thing . i have friends out there that read my blog and now have been hooked on some of you other dudes too and that can only be a good thing!


Jaz said...

add me to your links Yeedo and check my Back To 1992 re-visit.


travis said...

Ah man, those WYDU dudes are a bunch of hosers....hahaha

Thanks man, always checking the site, you have a good thing going on and "I make Bitches Make Me Sandwiches...and scratch my ass when it itches" is one of my favorite Beatnut lines

BiffReagle said...

thankss heeps mann.. dont slow down, lovin your write-upss!!...

peaceee and keep up the good work..

from all at biffhop..

straphanger said...

This blog is def...