Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why didnt they blow? #3 Dred Scott

Now this could be one of my shortest write ups ever... I know very little about Dred apart from the fact that i loved this album! I heard the track "Nuttin Ta Lose" a long time before i managed to grab the album. My mate at the time did me a mixtape of loads of tracks and the Dred track was probably the one that got re-wound the most. Full of energy and a pretty hot beat this has to be one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time... It just has that appeal to me for some reason. When you listen to the album you hear quite a bit of name dropping which tells you that dred kinda ran in the right circles so its strange for me to understand why he didnt blow???

Like a lot of albums from back in the golden era you kinda forget about them for a while untill you get the opportunity to listen them again and realise just how averagely shit hip hop is now! this would probably be classed as a 3 star album back then but when you listen to this 10+ years later you feel a bit sad that people like this dropped one album then fled? All in all this is a solid album and well worth the download!

I been told that Dred Scott had a few more releases but i never managed to check any of them. i managed to grab a copy of "Check The Vibe Remix" but the sound quality is a bit shit to tell the truth and the remix aint that much different to the album version so just grab the album???

If anyone can fill me in with some more dred stuff you know where to hit me up!


Dan Love said...

Nice drop Glen - I've been holding this back ready for From Da Bricks! Beat me to it...

Good work over here mate, keep it up.


pj said...

Finally got around to listening to this. Once again another good album. Thanks for the choice cuts. pj.

Clarity said...

I bought a physical copy of this on Amazon, it's SO FUCKING DOPE!!!! I've been scanning the internet heavily for his other stuff but can't find it, and now there's this new shitty rapper named dred scott who did that bullshit song hallelujah holla back or something. but yeah Dred Scott is fucking dope (the 94 one). He also does his own beats eh?