Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deadly Threat - Sickinnahead ***RE-UP***

Threat - Sickinnahead

For those that listened to west coast gangsta rap in the earlt 90's there is a big possibility you heard Threat rhyme on someones track?
The fact that i chose him to be my first unsung hero is down to the fact that i can hardly find a thing about the dude on the net anywhere??? its not surprising but at the same time its a shame as this was a solid as hell album...okay it was exactly like all other west coast album out there.....guns, bitches and low riders? But how this album never shipped major units is beyond me?
Threat was sort of an un-official member ife Ice cubes lench mob andguest rapped on some all time west coast hip hop classics. None better than Ice Cubes "color blind" which featured a who's who of west coast rappers on the album "death certifidate"
He had a good voice and his rhymes were very well thought out and his beats were pretty sweet for the time. other collabs included the great track " Peep game" with 2pac and " A hoe b4 the homie" on King Tee's Trifflin album.
This aint a classic album like "Straight outta compton" but this is a great addition to anyones cd collection and chances probably get it cheap somewhere too. be sure to check it out.

So after the re-up i come with a little more info on threat. Ive just listened to this album again and it still amazes me how he didnt make a bigger name for himself? such a good dude with serious skills?

so anyways i have since found out that threat was a member of a group called " Black Menace " ive not checked out their stuff yet but am definitely gonna delve into it.

i found a link available for some of their stuff over on Deadly Grounds Website
I'm gonna get this album and see if i can track down the oither stuff so keep your eyes open for some stuff soon :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


so regarding RE-UPS im gonna be updating all my dead links and putting them up over next few days so bare with me kids, all the stuff will be available, had a lot of requests for the deadly threat LP and the preacher earl 12" (which i have to rip again) have taste!

Hitting Puberty came too late :(

just found this peeps and i have to say it made me feel quite sad about how 1 tiny moment can change your life so much? respect to Chi Ali and just hope his words can change anyones life


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Da Brick City Kids


Artifacts were a group coming out of New Jersey made up of a crew of real B boys known as El Da Sensei, Tame One and DJ Kaos and they were amoung the rare breed of hip hop artists that carried on with the original origins of the art and were quite well known supporters of the graffiti scene.

I was lucky enough to hear about Artifacts about a year before they kinda blew up. I had a mate back in the days that used to record shop with me and he had heard rumblings about an artist that was cousins or some shit like that with Redman??? not sure if that is right  but he came across a 12" by underground beat makers "The Nubian Crackers" the track was called Do You Wanna Hear It? and it had various different versions on the 12"....mostly just beats and stuff but there was one version which featured the unknowns Artifacts!

Now not a lot of people copped this back in the day and you'd have to be a pretty die hard fan to even know this exsists, but from the moment i heard it i was huge fan. This track is possibly one of the most slept on tracks in hip hop and is a must to anyone that loves there hard beats....


So it took a little while for artifacts to come out with some solo work but i can remember reading about them in source magazine, there was a kinda buzz about them and soon enough they came with the goods.....


Wrong Side Of The Tracks was the first 12" to hit the stores and it came with the excellent Bside Flexi With Da Tech :)   there wasnt any remixes sadly but from what i remember the 12" came out before the album so it was just nice to be able to get a fix of the beat heavy style they came with.

It wasn't long till the highly anticipated album came.............


The album is a pretty impressive debut and is full of quality hard head bop beats and smooth flows that make it a must have to any collection. The album got some pretty decnt reviews and then came one of them 12" that has one of them tracks/remixes that just blew up.........


The remix track was just one of those smooth vibed tracks that included guest vocals from Busta Rhymes and was just an instant classic. I loved this 12" so much and is probably one of my most played tracks ever.

The album on the whole was full of gems and its very hard to pick a stand out track as they all kind of have their own identity on the album, but a personal fave of mine was the track Dynamite Soul so i was quite chuffed when it came to be released as a single....................


This 12" came with a phat remix and a new track not on the album "Who I Am". The remix was pretty much a new song on its own with an amazing beat and new lyrics ples the added guest vocals from Mad Skillz (he kinda sounds like Big L just not as nice lol)
The new track , who i am, kinda has a sound like it was produced by pete rock but was actually produced by EZ LPEE, not someone i kow a whole lot about but the beat is nice and was a nice little bonus to any artifacts fans out there.

So all in all a pretty impressive burst onto the scene and with great hopes for the Artifacts, but it would be another 3 years before they came with a 2nd album.........

Thats Them was the 2nd coming from the crew and it seemed to me that the album didnt get the same praise as the first and is quite strange to me as its a pretty solid album? i think with the years going by and hip hop more interested in wars between east/west coasts and the drama that surrounded pac and biggie i think a lot of heads kinda drifted off from hip hop, i for one am guilty of that. I dont know whether it was a case of me growing up and having a job and a girl or just a lack of quality around at the time to keep me interested? Occasionly i would pick up stuff but i was far from the gold hunter that i was so i think i just didnt put my heart into it as much. God bless the internet hey! so now i get the chance to go back and re live my youth now i'm an old fossil. have to say i appreciate hip hop a lot more nowadays than i did back then and when i listen back to groups like Artifacts i wonder to myself why i fell off so much.......I'm blaming the girl :)   but its well worth checking this album if you dont own it (why?)

The group went their seperate ways after the album and singles releases, the only 12" i managed to buy from this was The Ultimate...................


I had actualy stopped buying as many 12"s as i had used to so it was quite rare for me to part with cash for nothing less than albums. there seemed to be a lack of remixes floating around on singles but as soon as i saw Showbiz did the remix for this 12" i had to grab it. The remix was a much harder version obviously and well worth the download.

I managed to kop the solo releases from the crew fairly recently and will throw them up at some point but i hope you enjoy if you never heard them before.......AND DO NOT SLEEP ON THE NUBIAN CRACKERS TRACK!!!  as El Da Sensei says on Flexi.......

"Yeah still high the ill fly, red-eye rundown a semi
Automatic Artifact with knaps causin heart attacks
to critics and honeydips, who jeered on my lyrics
And slept when I dropped that "Do You Wanna Hear It?"