Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deadly Threat - Sickinnahead ***RE-UP***

Threat - Sickinnahead

For those that listened to west coast gangsta rap in the earlt 90's there is a big possibility you heard Threat rhyme on someones track?
The fact that i chose him to be my first unsung hero is down to the fact that i can hardly find a thing about the dude on the net anywhere??? its not surprising but at the same time its a shame as this was a solid as hell album...okay it was exactly like all other west coast album out there.....guns, bitches and low riders? But how this album never shipped major units is beyond me?
Threat was sort of an un-official member ife Ice cubes lench mob andguest rapped on some all time west coast hip hop classics. None better than Ice Cubes "color blind" which featured a who's who of west coast rappers on the album "death certifidate"
He had a good voice and his rhymes were very well thought out and his beats were pretty sweet for the time. other collabs included the great track " Peep game" with 2pac and " A hoe b4 the homie" on King Tee's Trifflin album.
This aint a classic album like "Straight outta compton" but this is a great addition to anyones cd collection and chances probably get it cheap somewhere too. be sure to check it out.

So after the re-up i come with a little more info on threat. Ive just listened to this album again and it still amazes me how he didnt make a bigger name for himself? such a good dude with serious skills?

so anyways i have since found out that threat was a member of a group called " Black Menace " ive not checked out their stuff yet but am definitely gonna delve into it.

i found a link available for some of their stuff over on Deadly Grounds Website
I'm gonna get this album and see if i can track down the oither stuff so keep your eyes open for some stuff soon :)


Skylar said...

Yo, Deadly Threat was never a part of the Black Menace crew. That Threat is from New Orleans. Deadly Threat pretty much fell off the face of the earth after the falling out with Pooh & King Tee and all those cats.

Anonymous said...

You apparantly don't know the business very well. Although many view rap artist as un-educated low lives...99% of them are very smart business men and women. It's funny that Threat continues to communite with both these gentlemen which includes other business ventures beyond their music. Learn the game or stay out of he say/she say bulls...

Glen aka Yeedo said...

that is good to hear that Threat is still doing his thing. i loved the album and wish his career had really blown up but respect him for what he did and this album will always hold good memories for me. classic west coast shit!