Monday, March 05, 2007

House Party

Now there was a lot of movies out back in the day that always get mentioned when talking about hip hop....Juice, Boys in the hood and new jack city. But there always seems to be the not so much talked about House Party. This film was funny as fuck and i think you can still watch it today and still laff your ass off!

You have to love this film even tho kid's haircut is out of controll, there are moments of this film which i think pretty much everyone can relate too... everyone has been to a party like this at some point in there life... surely?

There was some pretty sweet music too in this film and i picked up the soundtrack ages and ages ago. Now there are some songs from the film which never made it onto the soundtrack which i dont get at all but the main tracks are really all included on the cd. So i give you the official soundtrack to the movie. hope you enjoy and hopefully it makes you want to watch the movie again...

House Party OST


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