Thursday, January 04, 2007

Do It Like A G.O.

The Geto Boys

The Geto Boys really came into their own in the early 90's. I had just moved to a new town and knew about 2 people when i got introduced to some other people on my estate who loved their Hip Hop. I hit it off with a few of them straight away and started trading records and shit when one of them gave me a Geto Boys album to check out. I remember at the time Gangsta rap was running things and i dont think you could get more gangsta than these albums back then?

The First album i got introduced to was the self titled Geto Boys. This album was straight up "dont fuck with me bitch!" I'd pay good money to see the boys from back then introduced to someone like G-Unit nowadays? I can imagine Willie D taking one look at 50 and saying "get the fuck outta here!"

So obviously you wanna hear more after being introduced to probably the hardest rap crew on the plannet so i grabbed the Scarface album "Mr Scarface is back" Scarface is probably the most well known of the crew and just had that appeal to me back then. Dude is hard as hell and his flow was awsome. This album is still up there in my personal favorites... just plain raw, hard gangsta rap at its best! "Born Killer" has to be one of THE greatest gangsta cuts ever?

So then i started seeing Geto Boys everywhere and YoMTV was playing loads of stuff. First video i saw was "Mind Playin Tricks" which is just one of them classic videos. By this time I had become a huge fan of them and was happy as fuck when they appeared live on YoMtv and performed a classic live cut!


The crew "sort of" took a break for a little while after the "We Cant Be Stopped" album but that didnt stop them popping up on some classic tracks with several artists. But one track which gets majorly slept on is a joint they did with Mad Cobra

Mad Cobra ft Geto Boys - Dead End Street

I Dont know why this track got slept on? But trust me its a classic cut!

So then solo projects were flying up everywhere, Scarface's seemed to be getting held back time and time again but willie D's effort came to light and was just what everyone expected. Hard as Hell no messin Gangsta. But Bushwicks solo effort seemed a bit different to what i expected? His album seemed to be a real emotional tale of shit he had come through and damn! he came through a hell of a lot as the cover of "we cant be stopped" proved. The album was still hard as hell as what everybody expected but with tracks like "Ever So Clear" it was hard to ignore what the dude had been through.


Bushwick Bill - Little Big Man

I could go on and on with classic after classic from the Geto Boys but i think you catch the Vibe and if you dont own any of their shit then you need to get to the store and buy some!

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