Friday, January 05, 2007

Its A U.K Ting...(part 1)

So back in the day the U.K. didn' have no where near the coverage that Hip Hop gets in todays media? Which is such a shame because we had some seriously talented mother fuckers!
U.K hip hop was no where near what it is now... Dont get me wrong, there is some real good stuff around nowadays but much like the golden era of hip hop i think U.K hip hop shared its golden era back then too.
So i'm gonna post up pretty much the cream of the crop starting with Gunshot
To me Gunshot were the flagship UK Hip Hop act. The thing I liked about UK hip hop was the beats were crazy and fast paced! and some of the DJ skills on show were second to none! and for me Gunshot probably had the best DJ/Producer around back then in White child Rix, the boy could seriously scratch his ass off!
Beatwise Gunshot were pretty untouchable and were doing their thing the way that UK acts had to do. release 12" after 12" untill they had a crack at a full album. You had to have something special to win over fans at the time with the calibre of hip hop that was being imported day after day from the US and I think Gunshot had that little something extra to offer...

The groups first single was Battle creek Brawl and contained 2 different mixes... the first was the full beat version "Battle Creek Brawl (4 minute warning) " which set the pace of the group from the get go. the second mix "Battle creek Brawl (apocalyps bass) " was a stripped down version.
now unfortunately i dont have the next 2 singles i wanted to post up which is a damn shame as they are without a doubt their finest work (in my opinion)
Killing Season/Nobody move was a classic UK 12" and a must have (says me???) but then there was my personal favorite "Children of a dying breed" which is just a great track. this was a superb piece of work and am gutted i dont know where my 12" has gone too but rest assured i shall get it up at some point.
There were 2 other singles out before the group released a very eagerly awaited debut album from UK fans.

***Gunshot - Patriot Games*** LP

The album was pretty solid and there was a lot to shout about but for me Gunshots best work always came along on their singles ...

Their first single from the album was mind of a razor

This had the "jagged edge remix" of the Mind OF A Razor track and also a brand new track and one of my favorites "Social Psychotics" i loved this 12" and still listen to the second track a lot.

The second single from the album was Colour Code

This was also a new track But as well as the title track "Colour Code" there was also a remix of an album track "Gunshots History (94 lick remix) "

there was also another version of the 12" which i never got and unfortunately dont know anyone else who copped it? This wasnt the end of the crew at all and they went on to release another 2 full lengths and lots of 12" for fans but i gonna leave it for you to check out their follow ups.

Next up for me were CAVEMAN

I loved this group to bits and was quite sad to not see them be a lot bigger than they shoulda been. I think out of all the UK stuff this would probably be my most listened to. I didnt hear any of theirearlier stuff but was shopping in Norwich when i stumbled across a shop called Soundclash which is still a pretty shit hot record shop! I remember buying MC Serch and E.P.M.D 's album when the bloke behind the counter said "have you heard any of cavemans stuff?" I was like no!!! so the dude grins and throws a track on and straight away the shop was rocking to the sound "Brother In Action (Remix) " and i was impressed so without fail slipped the wallet out again and handed over the cash. For the rest of that week I am sad but glad to say i ignored the 2 heavweight US albums i got that day for the little crew from London.

When i thought about this post the other day i have to say Blade was the first one that hit my mind as my favorite but after hearing this album again i remebered how much i played this album and i can safely say Caveman were without a doubt My personal favorite...sorry Blade?

So the album in question...

***CaveMan - The Whole Nine Yards...And Then Some***

Now please US peeps check this album!!! they dont get as much coverage as other UK acts but i think of all of them these are probably the best to bridge the gap between UK & US.

They were different in their approach to other Uk acts as they didnt come out rapping at 2000 miles an hour they basically just flowed and did their thing.

Now I'd love to add some Krispy 3 stuff??? but i cant find any of my stuff at all which pisses me off as i am gagging to put "On tempo" up. I have left a lot of records with random friends over the years and am way off from getting them all back but i will be digging them up soon so i gonna have to make this a 2/3 part post which is all good as i want to add some Krispy3, Son of noise, Hijack and without a doubt some London Posse.

And For Blade i am gonna do a whole seperate post on becuase the man deserves it!

Anyone have any more things to add UK wise please comment me or email and i shall see what i can do.


moyinka said...

nice blog, good to see some UK hip hop getting some exposure.
i got some krispy 3 stuff and all the gunshot singles and the instrumental LP for 'patriot games' too.
i didn't like the second caveman LP as much as their first but that's just me i guess, i thought the principle was a genius.

moyinka said...

oh, i've also got the 10" single of 'mind of a razor', dunno if there's any different tracks to the 12" version though.

KYOZAI said...

Thx !!!

I have this also and I lost the first album, so if anybody post it much props 4 that

Thx again

The Gosub Routine said...

A good follow up LP, a tad harder edged than the previous LP. I feel that their old producer ('the priciple')had a certain mellow vibe that wasn't quite evedent on this one. It's still a blindin' LP, though!

Cheers, Glen!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have that solo song by MCM called I got Soul or something like that? Iused to love the video, but never saw the vinyl for sale anywhere.


Ooh, and thanks for posting some british stuff

Anonymous said...

Please please please please re-upload this.I've been searching for it for ageeeeeeeeeeeees.

Anonymous said...

oh man, please re-upload this man. ten corazon carnal

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Anonymous said...

Man, I completely agree on that.

There's way too many suckers out there that can't understand.

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they wouldn't believe me that he was wrong. Now I can just show them your blog :)

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