Monday, January 08, 2007

Track of the year 2006

I been checking out other blogs lists of the year and stuff and was quite alarmed how my choice of track failed to get a mention anywhere?

The first time i heard this track i was blown away by just how fucking great it is... i suppose its down to personal choice and shit but damn i just cant see how anyone who loves hip hop would not feel the vibe of this track.

I was in the process of compiling up a list of a few tracks that really stood out for me last year but to be honest this is the only track that i really want to post up from 2006? not that it was as bad a year as a lot of people think...but just because this is the only track that i played consistently enough to deserve a mention....

TY feat Maceo - Closer

Ty has come a long long way and gets no where near the credit he deserves! this is an absolute gem of a track and if you sleep on it you crazy...

Check out more TY

I would post up the whole album but if ever there was a dude i want to get paid from this business then Ty is him... just go spend the £10 or $10

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ral278 said...

great 06-pick! just luv that TY-track - very smooth and fine lyrics. props for that choice!