Thursday, January 04, 2007

Da Bush Babees

Da Bush Babees were one of them crew that kinda popped in and popped out of the hip hip world. The album Ambushed got mixed reviews which i dont really understand? I played this album quite a bit back in the day. After hearing the first single "Swing It" i wanted to grab the album as soon as it came out. The mix ive posted unfortunately didnt appear on the album? even the the record sleeve said it would? this mix is pretty hectic and a definate floor banger in the same kind of style as slam by onyx. The thing i liked most about the crew was that reggae element to them, it added something extra to them which not many acts had at around the same time. and when i heard the album i was impressed how the blow straight up with the opening track "Pon De Attack" ...crazy!
The second single was a slower paced head nodder called "We Run Things" I remember this getting a bit of airplay on MTV and was definately a 12" that myself and mates played to death.
The third single "Remember We" was pretty hot! The remix from Salaam Remi was fly as hell. i dont have the 12" anymore but i posted the video below which has the remix...enjoy
If you can get past the strange voices that the crew seemed to adopt throughout the album I think you'll find some pretty good shit here! the lyrics are clever and well thought out and some are funny as hell! but like i kinda have to get beyond the voices?
I came across some stuff while looking to see what happened to the bush babees after this album and i found they released another album called Gravity? i never heard this but i gonna try check this out as soon as!
All in all this is an entertaining album and has some pretty good moments on it well worth checking...


Anonymous said...

I never got much into ambushed because i got gravity first, ant it was such a different vibe/sound to it...still classic with that reggea vibe to it..i suggest dedinately picking up sooooooo some Mos Def and De La appearances on fresh..i would compare it to the black star album..ahead of its time and fuckin awesome!


DJ Filthy Rich said...

oh man!

Yeedo, would you mind uploading the "Swing It" track again? the original version that you had, not the 'Jazziness' version that appeared on the CD. the link doesn't work. i've been looking for that version for a LONG time! if you could please upload it (maybe using or megaupload or rapidshare), it would be MUCH appreciated!

dj filthy rich

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They have some great songs, I love this record, so different from the ordinary hip hop tradition.