Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No I.D

So being a huge Common fan i tried my best to find releases from people that had something to do with the man himself? I heard rumblings of a Y-Not album but that never materialised and then by accident i came across an album from No I.D. This was very unexpected down to the fact i just thought he was a producer (what is it with chicago producers hitting the mic too?)
Now this is one of them albums which is straight up slept on? I was gonna put this under my "why didnt they blow section" but damn i'd be doing this man an injustice!
If you like hip hop and never heard this album???......You a fool!
Everytime i hear this album it kinda reminds me of the first time i heard O.C - Word life? I mean the beats are simple but clever and very addictive and the rhymes??? damn. The man produced the whole of Commons "Resurrection" album apart from 2 tracks so you know what the flava is gonna be right?
Ive picked out 2 tracks to win you over but ive also added a zip with the whole album in plus some cover shots for you.
My first track is "state to state" featuring Dug Infinite & Common. this track is so so sick its unreal. My second track is "Original Man" featuring Dug Infinite also. If you check these two tracks out then i should imagine it wont be long before you hitting up the album link and i dont need to say anymore about this album apart from DONT SLEEP!
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