Friday, January 05, 2007

Back in the day.....

This was just one of those "nice" albums that came out on the wave of the Gfunk era. The whole album kinda has that west coast Dj Quik feel to it.
In truth this was just one of those albums that got picked up played a few times then forgotten about...untill the other day. I been scooping through my records looking for stuff that is a bit different to what other blogs been posting up and i know i definately havn't seen this anywhere? now you can take that how you want to, but all in all this is not a bad little album?
"Back in the day" was the first single from this album and i remeber this getting loads of time on mtv. Its just a nice chilled out track which basically sums up the rest of the album. "Can I Party" was the one track that stood out for me, sort of a mid tempo anthem type track with a nice beat in the background. and one other thing...dude sounds so much like Skee Lo its scary?

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Romaine said...

You write very well.