Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some Casual HipHop For You

Casual - fear itself

Casual came along as a memebr of Del's Hieroglyphics crew . I rmemeber picking this album up on the basis of that alone and i think i banged this record to death! The album was as you would expect from part of del's crew but it seemed to be a little more special, Not dissing Del himself or Souls of mischief when i say that but i just think that casual was probably the most talented of the bunch. He doesnt have the easiest voice to listen to but makes up for it with amazing rhymes which he lays on every track on the album. I had a hard time picking album tracks to post up here but my first was fairly easy. "Me-O-Mi-O" this track is now pretty legendary and stands up well for itself!

Note: If you didnt like that just keep reading....Trust!!!

Other album tracks that were pretty fuckin good include "You Flunked" a bit more up tempo stuff! Then we came to the first single from the album "Thats How It Is" This was a great track and a good little head nodder. Now my final album track was possibly my favourite on the album "We Got It Like That" I dont know why? it just was???

But then.... We have now a second single from the album. This single was a Classic straight away with hiphop heads! I dont even think my copy of this will play anymore because of wear and tear??? but anyway the single was Me-O-Mi-O and this gave us 2 remixes and a extra unreleased track. This is how 12" should be!!!

The first track you get to on the 12" is "Rock On" This was an excellent unreleased track featuring Pep Love. second track off the 12" well it was 3rd actually but im saving best for last! we get to the Remix of "Thats how it is (dissishowedo remix)" This was a phat remix and one of my favourite casual songs to date.
Then we come to the title track of the 12" and this!!! this is how you do a remix. At the time on the west coast hip hop was still all g-funk with Death Row running things so its no surprise it was hard work for Del's crew to break hiphop like they should have. So i think they kind of ran a bassline heavy Evil G-Funk beat for this remix on purpose just to get some heads turning their way! It worked...This remix is a classic and should NOT be slept on. you find this you BUY IT! simple rule there...
One line from this track is "i'm a cool mother fucker who can rap his ass off"
Certainly is!


Anonymous said...

Would you be able to re-up CASUAL -ROCK ON & IT'S A ME THANG?
Would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

please repost these casual tracks!

Drawyah: Creative Yet Purposeful said...

IT am Me THang!!! Oh MY GOD!!! do you have this track by Casual? Havent heard it since 94-95? GOOD OLD HIP HOP!!!!

Whoismangerm said...

Could you please re-up "Its a Me Thang Remix." The Internets have no trace of this track.