Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who Ate All The Pies

Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard
Sorry about the shit pic but thats all i could find?
I got the album "give 'em the finger" on the basis of the 12" "checkin out the ave" This is a great track and well worth the listen and purchase if you can still find the 12" somewhere?
The album was a bit hit and miss to tell the truth. I dont know if i feel like that because of the quality of the single??? its got a bit of a D.I.T.C feel to it beatwise but it just doesnt quite match up to it.
However....This album does contain one of the greatest hip hop tracks of all time in my opinion. This is a real real gem of a track and features none other than Kool G Rap himself, You only need to hear the bassline at the begining to know this is gonna blow! the track is called "This is how we fuck it up" This tune is SICK!!!
So like i say the album doesnt really live up to these 2 tracks but hell...buy it anyway just for them alone!!!

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Circusmaximus said...

Back in 93 I wrote a letter to Pudgee because I liked the album that much. I was more than suprised when I received a hand-written letter from Pudgee in my mailbox.
Good memories about hip hop at its very peak !