Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why didnt they blow?

Shadz Of Lingo - A View To A Kill
With an album full of beats from Diamond D, Erick Sermon and Dallas Austin you have to wonder why they didnt really blow up like they should have?
The beats on this album are ,in my opinion, Diamond D's best work apart from his own shit.
The only reason i can guess for them not blowing up was the lack of originality in the lyrics department? which kinda gives this album a fairly average feel to it? but if you ignore that and just play it instead of judge it i'm sure you will nodd your head along.
First track i have for you was "Mad Flavaz" produced and featuring the Green eyed bandit himself, Erick Sermon. This a typical ES beat and was a pretty hot single from what i remember.
the next 2 tracks come from a producer called Madness 4 Real who has a pretty impressive resume really but doesnt get talked about too much? "psychopathic interlude" and "view to a kill" two very impressive beats and very catchy!
The highlight of the album is obviously a D.I.T.C beat From Diamond D.
This track is shit hot! I would pay to hear an extended mix of this with D.I.T.C memebers on it...imagine that? sick beat full stop.

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travis said...

Another personal favorite of mine. Covered this album on my site a few months back. Better than 90% of the crap released this year.