Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why didnt they blow? #2


The first time i heard Zhigge i was round a friends house and i heard "harlem" I loved the fast pace of the track and soon went on to discover the rest of the album and was glad it had the same kind of feel to it all the way through.

I used to record YoMTV raps all the time and was most impressed when i got the video for "Toss It Up" as this was probably my favorite track on the album. I did have this 12" but it seems to have dissapeared? but i have found another copy online which should be with me soon.

The other 12" of the album was probably their most well known song and i can remember it getting quite a bit of play from dj's back in the day "Rakin' In The Dough" had a bit of a harder feel to it than the rest of the album and the 12" was worth its weight with quite a few remixes and an extra track. This has some how vanished from my record boxes too but luckily i have "Rakin in the dough (uptown bounce mix) " on mp3 anyways so hopefully you will get a feel for zhigge and check them out some more.

As the title says "why didnt they blow?" they were in no way gonna be major players in the game but they had the skills to at least drop a few more records our way? Ive searched the web to see if i could come across anymore on the group but there doesnt seem to be any trails to follow with zhigge? anyways i will up the remix for Toss it up as soon as my record arrives? in the meantime enjoy the video here.....

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DJ Dub aka The Dubster said... saved my day wit the uptown bounce remix!!!!!! Son, that was my 92 anthem!!!