Sunday, December 10, 2006

Damn....he fast!

MR Tung Twista /aka Twista

Way way back before Twista collabed with Kanye and joined the ROC. Twista has been around for some time. I used to work with some fool who played the kamikaze album all day everyday and it pissed me off!
Im not knocking the album because i liked it a lot... but i remember way back when he used to be Mr Tung Twist. The first time i heard "runnin' off at da mouth" i was in a state of shock that someone could be so fast and still make sence? (sort of)
Anyways I did love this album and unfortunately i dont own it but one of my good friends let me steal his copy for a day so i could rip it a while ago. i was reading a blog called twelve inchers the other day where Dj espionage posted up a track called "suicide" (check his post out) . I got to confess i didnt hear much after Runnin off at da mouth untill i heard the "is that your chick" track which he and Missy guested on for Jay Z. But Twista did have a few albums out which i am gonna have to try get hold of now.
So some traks off the Runnin off at da mouth album....
My first track is "Mr Tung Twista" this is just straight up fast as you can get messyness! good track just showing why he was the fastest rapper in the world at the time (fact)
2nd track is "none of ya'll can hang" which is slower paced...for twista anyway? this is a pretty solid track but my favourite track on the album is "No Peace Sign" I always loved the beat to this track and apparently this is on 12" somewhere so i may have to go digging for this!
So after becoming pretty huge in 2004 Twista has gone to ground a bit recently? i was kind of expecting him to push on after the success of kamikaze but i think he kinda doesnt want to be as mainstream as people see other artists that he rolls with like kanye? each to their own i suppose? but he has done a track with some U.K acts recently which i gotta give him a big big up for!!! I only wish big US stars would collab more with some UK artists then i think we could actualy see some major sales for our artists over here in the UK
I do try to keep this blog as old school as i can but i cant help but hope people who read it check out "What We Do" This is the Kray Twinz with Twista and my second favourite UK artist Lethal Bizzle!!!
And if you can find the "no peace sign" 12" you get this remix which is in the video below...Nice!

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