Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What coulda been?


Now to those that know their hiphop? everyone should know A.D.O.R ??? huh what i hear you cry lesser brained peoples?

To put it simple A.D.O.R dropped the greatest hiphop track of all time! Now i'm not open for argument about this either. The first time i heard Let it all hang out i was like woooooooooooooaaaaah!

I only know 2 people with this record and thats a sad sad thing.
I remember upping this track on a site and the link went down after about 3 minutes due to bandwith destruction! so hopefully there should be no problems with this?
Produced by the one and only Pete Rock here is A.D.O.R "Let It All Hang Out"
Now all manner of shit went down with A.D.O.R and i think there is lots of factors which lots of people will never know about why he didnt become one of the biggest m.c's of all time. but with all that considered he still managed to drop some more tunes. "Ones For The Trouble" which was made famous by that shit dance track which sampled the "back once again . its the renegade master" lyrics from the track. unfortunately A.D.O.R then kinda vanished into the hip hop underworld where he has sort of been ever since?
He released a couple albums and mixtapes over the years and now is heading up his own label TRUREIGN RECORDS which i highly recomend checking out. there is a couple of downloads available and also a track called "step up" which i think proves that hiphop missed out when they let him slide under the radar.
If you more interseted in the man himself and want to get in touch and find out why he dissapeared get his myspace here
Real HipHop


Anonymous said...

Nice Record
i also love that song

travis said...

Nice blog, and nice post. ADOR has always been one of my favorites and damn straight, that "Step Up" track is pretty nice. I need to buy his latest album one of these days, never see it around except on his site

depleted said...

Good tune, bit harsh to call Renegade Master by the late Wildchild rubbish, fair enough house music may not be your thing but lets not distress good music production jus cos it aint hiphop.

Anychance you could upload a decent recording of that A.D.O.R track?, cos the one i just downloaded the quality is so poor its unplayable.


Glen aka Yeedo said...

cheers for feedback. sorry depleted i like all music but that renegade master track just upsets me lol!

anyway this should be a better rip of A.D.O.R via Zshare