Friday, November 17, 2006

Unsung Heroes....Deadly Threat **** re-up****

Threat - Sickinnahead

For those that listened to west coast gangsta rap in the earlt 90's there is a big possibility you heard Threat rhyme on someones track?
The fact that i chose him to be my first unsung hero is down to the fact that i can hardly find a thing about the dude on the net anywhere??? its not surprising but at the same time its a shame as this was a solid as hell album...okay it was exactly like all other west coast album out there.....guns, bitches and low riders? But how this album never shipped major units is beyond me?
Threat was sort of an un-official member ife Ice cubes lench mob andguest rapped on some all time west coast hip hop classics. None better than Ice Cubes "color blind" which featured a who's who of west coast rappers on the album "death certifidate"
He had a good voice and his rhymes were very well thought out and his beats were pretty sweet for the time. other collabs included the great track " Peep game" with 2pac and " A hoe b4 the homie" on King Tee's Trifflin album.
This aint a classic album like "Straight outta compton" but this is a great addition to anyones cd collection and chances probably get it cheap somewhere too. be sure to check it out.

So after the re-up i come with a little more info on threat. Ive just listened to this album again and it still amazes me how he didnt make a bigger name for himself? such a good dude with serious skills?

so anyways i have since found out that threat was a member of a group called " Black Menace " ive not checked out their stuff yet but am definitely gonna delve into it.

i found a link available for some of their stuff over on Deadly Grounds Website
I'm gonna get this album and see if i can track down the oither stuff so keep your eyes open for some stuff soon :)


Kai said...

I just spent like an hour trying to find anything on him. Threat was a dope ass MC, who has been lost in the mix somehow. I had that album, lost it and bought it again, back in the days. Of course, I have no clue where it is now.

He had an unusual rhyme style, and he rapped about a gangster lifestyle but he was dope. I'm glad to see someone else on this planet remembers him. Now the question is, how in the hell am I gonna get my hands on this album again?

Richie Mac said...

I grew up with Threat, one of the Dopest MC's on the planet. Not only did Ice Cube bite his style (Check the album Death Certificate) and notice how cube starts in his classic style, then on "Giving up the nappy dugout" hhis style changes drastically. Threat is a talented, stubborn, and gifted M.C.

He had an opportunity to join"The Liks" who he also had influenced, he wrote for Easy E, King T, DJ Pooh and a group of others. After falling out with Pooh over money, Threat's stubbornness kept him from moving forward.

He now has a patent on a HO scale Remote control Low rider which he has spent the last ten years perfecting. He's still a dope M.C. but a Dinasour in the hip hop culture. He rymed wit Pac, L.L., Cube, the dogg pound, Snoop, and who could forget his classic "NOWHERE TO HIDE"

bIG ups to Solo AKA "Deadly Threat"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is Pharoah aka Mr. Nassir Muhammad Mustapha Shaw and he (Threat is definitely one of the best rappers all-time in my opinion....I didn't know that he had an opportunity to join the 'Liks. Him and Tash would have been sick. May ALLAH bless that union to happen...Sincerely

Skylar said...

Yo I'm late to the party but after having listened to the Black Menace music- Not the same Threat. Different cat from New Orleans. Both black rappers but that's where the similarities end. Not disrespect to NOLA but the California Threat is by far the better rapper/personality. Everybody from the King Tee/Sir Jinx/Pooh/Alkaholiks/Cube/Kam era was just plain ill.

Anonymous said...

Threat is easily one of the dopest west coast rappers to ever pic up the mic. He is the only one outside of Cube who accurately captured the tone of Cali back then. I don't doubt that Cube bit from him. His ferocious lyrical ability was unmatched on the west coast. When all these NY rappers was acting like the west couldn't spit at that level here come threat burnin a hole in nyggas ! The only guy out here who even remotely reminds me of him is Crooked I. I downloaded threats whole album years ago. Reminds me of crenshaw bl, slauson swapmeet and the LAPD before Rodney King.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mac for getting some not so nice comments straight. Only those closet to him really know the truth as he is a very private person. His personal life is very protected and only open to his closet friends. And Mac you should know its been more than 10 years for the TOYE!

Anonymous said...

Most underrated LA rapper. Drop the album today and it would still be great -SFAUSTINA

Shard St said...

Threat is one of my favorite rappers & definitely one of the most underrated L.A. rappers ever!!!!! I been following dude since the 90's. Hell, I named my Rottweiler after dude. Sickinnahead is a classic album in my eyes. I STILL GOT MY ORIGINAL TAPE & CD! It still bangs to this day.
I'm from Detroit, & everybody that hopped in my ride heard "Give it up, 4 deep,Let The Dogs Loose & Bus One For Me" bangin.. For years I waited for his second album to come out. Dude killed everything he was ever featured on!!!
It's messed up to hear that him & Pooh fell out & he stopped rapping. I'm glad somebody posted that info in this blog. I searched the net to see what happened to him. I was hoping he wasn't locked up or something tragic like that. Good to know that he still out here.