Friday, November 17, 2006

#1 Chief rocka

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah as i have said before 1993 was a great year for hip hop!
Here come the lords was the debut album from Lords of the underground. A crew from Newark who caused a major buzz on the scene with the singles "psycho" then "Check it"
The album came out shortly after and in now way did it let down expectant fans.
This was a solid debut and had soem extremely catchy beats and some well thought out lyrics to boot! not surprisingly they hammered the album to death and released 6 singles...yes 6? (thats where moby got his ideas from)
A tad bit of a rip off too for fans (or muggs) as the singles were pretty lame value for money too! dont get me wrong...they were all great tracks but you expect a remix if you gonna get into collecting records? while a lot of the singles claim to have remixes on them they werent actually that different from the originals except for the "flow on" single which was blessed with a fairly lazy Pete Rock pete rock is a laid back chap but this remix was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (definately not his best effort!)
but without the singles i suppose the Lords would not have hade their hip hop anthems bashed to bits in the clubs as much...and that just about sums the lords up. Some great cuts on this album and probably everyone in hip hop has nodded their head to "chief rocka" at least 80,000 times!
other tracks were "funky child" and the title track "here come the lords"
So if you are one of the odd few hip hop heads that dont got this album do yourself a favour and get it. you forget how good this album is then 10 years later you find yourself in your front room miming to the whole of psycho while your turntables tremble like a bitch!
u may have to let this one load a bit but it does work

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