Friday, November 17, 2006

B4 Comm lost his Sense?!?!?

So the year is like....1993 and everyone just getting over the shock of Dr. Dre's Chronic album just appearing from nowhere just before christmas in 92? and usualy around that time there is a lack of albums coming out in the start of a year that are any good but..........1993 was a good year for hip hop!!!
it started with a bang for me... i grabbed a copy of 2pacs Strictly for my niggaz

Then came one of my favourite albums of all time Above the law's black mafia life

And then i saw the video for Common Sense's Take it easy track on Yo mtv! and from then on i was hooked.

Next time i went diggin for records i grabbed his first album can i borrow a dollar

I loved this album so much....sorry used past tense then...i STILL love this fuckin album!

I was hooked on common's flow straight away and while a lot of my friends shunned this at the time i banged this album to death. I made it a mission to collect every common track i could from the moment i heard it. So i got the singles as soon as they left the man stacking the shelves hand!!!

Now ive looked and looked for the first single "take it E Z" but no matter what i read i dont believe this exsists and it has kinda become my holy grail of records! i would pay top top dollar for this single!!!

But as you can see i grabbed everything else that came out and this is still pride of place in my collection. Common is still one of my favourite rappers and i am glad i can say i heard his shit before he blew up and become the M.C he is now!

A lot of people are probably hearing his stuff for the first time in the last 2 years or so thanks to collabs with people like Kanye but those that know? know this is one M.C that has been on top of his game since.......well since he first hit the shelves!

Some stand out tracks from the time he was still know as Common Sense are definately "Soul by the pound (thump mix)" ........" I used to love H.E.R." and the amazing "In my own world (check the method)" also another great track which never featured on any of the albums was "Can i bust" which was released on the Breaker 1/9 single. This track is superb and not many have heard it??? check em out.

So its fairly safe to say i shall be blogging sometime about common when he lost his sense from his name but that will come soon.....enjoy

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turtle said...

I am probably in the minority, but I think Can I Borrow A Dollar is his best album.