Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey Mr president

So after all the controversy surrounding Ice T/body counts "cop killer" track.
Along came the rapper paris with his secon album "sleeping with the enemy" with the even more controversial "bush killa".
If you think George Bush jnr is a hated man right now you have no idea about how much Paris hated Bush senior!!!
But ignore the track itself! This album is a fuckin 5* classic in my view. This album has just about everything you want....Great beats (some supplied by a very young DJ Shadow by the way) lyrics that pull you into a world that paris Needs to get out of him! some scratching that you will not believe??? this is defiantely a timeless record and the fact it was allowed to be released at all is a miracle....well not really?
After the fact that no one would touch it with a 2,000,000 mile barge pole Paris just released it by himself! no mean feat back in the day!
Anyone at all interested in political hip hop should check out this and paris's other albums, i myself wont be after i bought the follow up album i kinda got the impression Paris was losing the plot a bit (my opinion and i'm entitled to it)
The 3rd album

I am very sad to say was a terrible follow up to what i thought was a start of something big in hip hop... ,no doubt the man is still doing his thing today and power to him, but for me this album just fell off so much it was ridiculous!

Released at the time of the Dre induced G funk era paris broke away from his gritty hard hitting beats and tried to use the same g funk format but someone forgot to tell him that his gritty rhymes didnt quite go well???


But no doubt anyone with a serious head nod infection and a need to punch george bush needs his "sleeping with the enemy" album! just get it!

Other worthwhile tracks include "The devil made me do it" " make way for a panther" "sleeping with the enemy" and "The days of old"

While i may think the man has slightly lost the plot? he is still doing his thing and his website is a very interesting read. Covers a lot of social issues and problems that communitys in america is still struggling with. It also has some "interesting" views on recent events such as 9/11 but i not going into that fuckin can of worms. but feel free to check out Paris's work and that includes Sleeping with the enemy!

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