Friday, January 28, 2011

Spice up your life.....

So like i said its been a long time but im not gonna feed you all with excuses on why my lazy ass didnt post for a while im just gonna jump straight into it and deliver the goods...
Back in 1992 Yo MTV raps was blazing out classic after classic and none more so than the smooth west coast track "welcome to the ghetto" by the now legendary Spice 1.
The track was amazing and i rememeber watching the video quite a few times as the single and album seemed to be unfindable over here in the UK ? i cant quite remember where i managed to pick this up from but it sure as hell wasn't a record shop :) I think round my way there was possibly only me that had an original copy of this shit and i think because of that it kinda got slept on by all the heads in my area. I was also one of the lucky ones that had Sky tv back then so people used to pile round my house on evenings after school at 5 o clock to watch half hour of Yo and then again on saturday mornings my mums front room would get taken over by me and my friends sitting there with my finger on the pause button on the vcr :) the good old days.
I often think back and rememeber the times when i rolled in a buch of about 10 pretty hardcore hip hop heads and knew of about another 2 or 3 crews of people that we would bump into in the record shop (Jays records, Cambridge R.I.P)
I was from a small town but i can assure you the wax that was circulated around my streets was harder than any shit you saw in London or big cities lucky enough to have 100's of record shops. Back in the days, saturday mornings were left for the kill or be killed for us kids growin up with a wax and headbob obsession :) everyone would be up at the crack of dawn and on the train to cambridge at 7 o clock sharp!!! sittin outside in the cold/rain/snow waiting for the dude in the shop to open the doors. It wa always the best part of the week having your friend shout across the shop at you while holding a 12" that no one expected with just a big grin on his face coz he copped that shit first :) am pretty sure thats how all headz rolled around the world.
so anyways i give you Mr Spice 1........
He was from the Oakland area and was from what i know tied up with the too short/ant banks crews, but as an artist he kinda just seemed to be out there on his own? in truth i dont really know all that much about him apart form his music, but i guess thats all that matters.
Spice 1, I'm pretty sure is still making music but for me hip hop just remains in them golden years so if truth be told i dont really listen to much new stuff at all? i know there is some good shit out there but to be honest it doesnt do the same as it did for me back then so i dont worry myself over it.....
this album tho is pretty much a west coast must have! i copped the first 3 albums from spice 1 but for me they just didnt compare to this.

Spice 1
1."In My Neighborhood"
2."187 Proof"
3."East Bay Gangster (Reggae)"
4."Money Gone"
6."Peace to My Nine"
7."Young Nigga"
8."Welcome to the Ghetto"
9."Fucked in the Game"
10."Money or Murder"
11."City Streets"
13."Break Yourself" (featuring MC Ant)
14."187 Pure"

stand out tracks are easily "welcome to the ghetto" "in my neighborhood" and "young nigga"
this is a definite must have for anyone who loved that west coast sound and i hope you enjoy...

Its good to be back :)


geno said...

I will always remember my bay area rappers where ever I may go, or where ever I will be to reside. Growing up as a teen in the bay in the early 90's was the shit. All my Norte homeboys were bumpin this shit at gangsta parties in the heart of San Jo. I will never forget where I come from.

Glen aka Yeedo said...

nice! :) thanks for reading my good man