Friday, January 28, 2011

Paid to be tha BOSS


SO this is one of them albums that just about everybody heard the single (deeper) and probably said "niiiiiice" but then went on to sleep on the album which is a shame as there are some little gems on there.... with production coming from JMJ, Erick Sermon, MC Serch and the rest made up from Def Jef :) you gotta wonder why so many people ignored it, possibly because it was a female rapper? but as it goes this was probably the best female mc out there at the time as none of the others were dropping anything of note and Lady of Rage was pretty much on her own level! i enjoyed this album so thats what matters. ive seen it posted once or twice on other blogs but i thought i may as well throw it up there for the masses. its a pretty good album and a shame she never got to do anymore? rumour has it she kinda lied about her upbringing and was from a well off background so after that she swiftly got dropped by def jam and the rest is history....

Bo$$ - Born Gangstaz


1 Intro: A Call from Mom featuring Lillie Laws
2 Deeper featuring Papa Juggy Additional vocals by Def Jef
3 Comin' to Getcha featuring Erick Sermon
4 Mai Sista Izza Bitch featuring AMG
5 Thelma and Louise
6 Drive By
7 Progress of Elimination
8 Livin' Loc'd featuring Sticky Fingaz
9 Recipe of a Hoe
10 A Blind Date With Boss featuring Onyx
11 Catch a Bad One
12 Born Gangsta Additional vocals by Admiral D AMG,
13 1-800-Body-Bags Additional vocals by Def Jef
14 Diary of a Mad Bitch
15 2 to da Head scratching by Redman
16 I Don't Give a Fuck
17 Outro: A Call from Dad featuring Joe Laws

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